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Deadpool Movie Test Footage

So recently, just after SDCC it appears, this Deadpool movie test footage, featuring the voice of Ryan Reynolds, who attempted to play Deadpool in the very failed movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, was leaked and then later uploaded in HD to the internet.

The footage is amazing and spot on from the a Deadpool fan’s point of view and it has received such positive feedback, everyone wanting this to happen.

Now it feels like even though this would be great to happen, it still might not happen or at least, be very difficult to. Reasons why is that is simply comes down to 2 things, the first thing is that Marvel don’t own the rights, Fox do. Fox makes the X-men films so they could either do it as a stand alone movie in it’s own universe or they could interlink it with the X-Men universe which might be great, in following down the route of Avengers style movies.

The second things is that Deadpool is not very PG and as we can see from this footage, that is shown, but if making a Marvel characters movie, from Fox who make X-Men movies, which shows some connection, will they really be able to make this a 18 when everything else is aimed for a family audience?

This movie would then strictly be for the fan base and not really anyone else. They couldn’t then use the character in the other movies as if he were to appear in an X-Men movie, the people would want to know more of Deadpool and look to watching the movie but, oh wait, they can’t because they’re not old enough, which then causes limitations for their audience.

Obviously Deadpool is MASSIVELY known and tons of people would watch this film, but so many people who didn’t know anything about X-Men or The Avengers and the individual characters still went to see the films and a new fan base was established. just from making the films PG. So they could loose out on a lot.

I do hope they make this movie, in this same style and really make it for the fans, but is it really realistic that they will, from a companies point of view who is trying to make money?

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rosendo bañandose

rosendo bañandose

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